Thursday, November 18, 2010

Away for tooooo long!

I have been away too long! It is now time to catch up, however I honestly dont know where to begin because so much has happened!!! I am very happy with everything in my life and everyone in it! I have the best husband I could ever ask for whose love for God has grown tremendously and that indeed makes my heart so happy. We as a family have grown spiritually and have yet to grow, but as we take this road we know it can only get easier from here. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches we are reminded to be thankful for everything we have, but we should always give thanks to God EVERY DAY we are blessed with. And always keep in mind that we must not worry about the things we dont have and appreciate the things we DO have. Everything happens for a reason, EVERYTHING. We may not always understand in the moment, but even then we shouldnt question, just pray that it too shall pass.... all in due time. I have been super busy these past months, but its a good busy!! :) After the women's retreats that I attended, I joined the group that coordinates and helps to make these wonderful events possible- Pequenos hijos de Maria- and I couldnt be happier! They are indeed my 2nd family, they are all so nice and so fun to be around. ESPECIALLY my Odessa peeps plus Carlsbad. Luv u all so much!!! I have been traveling alot, more than what I was used to, but its such an exciting feeling every time we hit the road! Just the thought of all the amazing things that happen during the course of the weekend, is indescribable... During the week, we travel some when needed as well. My husband is a drummer for a praise and worship group and they are asked to go to some of our surrounding towns and we enjoy that very much so! We do all this because our heart is into it, if it wasnt this would reflect in us by far... We continue to feed ourselves spiritually because we cannot give what we do not have.... no one can. I will try to do a better job of keeping up with this,,, no promises! (wink wink) oh and btw, the thought of Christmas being right around the corner is so crazy!!! lol However, I LOVE CHRISTmas!!!! much love- Yess ;)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weekend retreat!

Hello Friends!!

Another wonderful and amazing experience this past weekend April 30th-May 2nd! I attended my 2nd womens retreat in Saragosa, TX, about 5 hrs 30 mins from my home,,, but it was oh so worth it! This time was a little more special to me since I was able to take along with me my mother, aunt, cousin, and 2 dear friends who are sisters! I have to say it was not at all easy though, which in the end made it even more amazing since there was alot we had to go through to get all of us there! When I first made the invite, a good almost 2 months ahead, as soon as I found out the dates-- I heard nothing back from none of them! This saddened me tremendously. I then sent out another txt message and again nothing. But I was determined not to give up, I felt almost as if it was not an option to give up on them, If God didnt give up on us, why should I? FINALLY, they all responded literally 1 week before our departure! I was SOOOO happy that they listened, no to me, but to Gods calling. :) The first retreat I attended was in Carlsbad, NM and there were 40 of us women there, well this time there were a total of 120 women!! Not including the people who help make this event possible, so we had a "full house"! Personally, I think thats what makes it even more fun, to be able to meet other women and be of support for them even though we just meet! It felt so good to be there for others and help them out and be their shoulder to cry on. We laughed, we cried, and we hardly slept, but indeed overall had an amazing time! The best gift I could have received from this is seeing the ladies I invited be so happy and really enjoying these 3 days. And like me the first time around, they did not want to leave the place!! Now I tell them, it is their turn to take people and share what they have gone through. God is generous and shares His love with us for that purpose, to continue to share His love and word to others, especially our loved ones! Well another eventful weekend coming up as well, my dear cousin is graduating from UTPB in Odessa this Saturday!!! We plan on leaving Friday evening right after work and stay in a hotel overnight since her graduation is @ 9 am and we live almost 4 hours away! And then of course Sunday is mothers day!!! I will be lucky to spend the day with my mom, and those who have their mothers close by, take the time to really appreciate her and value all shes done through the years... and those who dont have her close or have already passed to be with our Lord, say an extra little prayer in her name. Its not all about the gifts and the how much they cost, its about the sincere love you can show to your dear mother. Well everyone, have a fantastic remainder of the week and smile! It doesnt cost anything to do so, and can mean SO much to others. Always remember that somewhere, someone out there is going through a much more difficult time than you may think you are. So dont dwell or ponder on what you dont have, and appreciate what do you have! Much love, Yess :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

so far so good!

Hello friends on this gloomy and cloudy day- we've been expecting rain for a few days now, but it looks like today will be the day it comes down on us! A little refreshing is always good :) So my new job has been going very good and I am liking it everday more and more! Its alot to remember and detailed, but I am catching on and hope to know everything SOON!! It frustrates me not knowing ALL already, but its the OCD in me I guess! LOL... I love being able to have the days in between to get caught up with housework or any errands that need to be done or of course subbing with the kiddos at school! Yesterday one of the agents grilled fish for us @ lunch and it was de-lish! I took my special punchbowl cake as dessert in hopes they would like and yep it was a hit!! They loved it. So when I blog it destresses me, seriously! Id like to vent a little as well today-- ok so Im in a state of confusion with the way people are towards God. To me personally I think we should praise and glorify Him everyday and at all times. Our ups and downs equally! Why is it that some only turn to Him in times of need or want? Does God abandon us off and on? No He doesnt! I know I cant change the world but when I try to light a lil flame at least and am turned down or ignored altogether, that hurts... God willing, I will be attending another womens retreat in Saragoza, TX on April 30-May 2nd. I am really excited and am taking my mom and aunt and hopefully my wonderful cousin. I have invited a few friends but havent heard back from them, I still hope and pray though that I will hear a "yes I'll go" even if its last minute! Leslie's recital is this weekend and I cant wait to see her shine on stage! She loves to dance and perform so I know she will do GREAT! well until next time, much love to all! Yess :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

catch up time!!!

Ok so I have been away from blogging way tooooo long! But Im back!! :) So many things have happened that I dont even know where to begin!!! We have continued to be soooooooooooooooooo blessed in all aspects our lives. To start off and by far the most important to me is my health. It has been one month since I was taken off the meds and my platelet count has maintained itself in normal range!! PRAISE GOD!!! I love Him!!! Easter weekend was so fabulous, it had SO much more meaning to me than any other year. My relationship with our Savior has grown so much closer that I truly feel His presence especially at time of our Sunday mass. We have been attending bible study weekly as a family and rosary at church every Wednesday and Thursday communion service as well. I have seen many of my close friends also have an awesome turn around towards His word and it makes me so happy. He is Love and Life, I wish ALL the ppl in the world realized this NOW! So.... since Ive been unemployed as of May 2009, I have prayed that God guide me in the path He wants and not mine. We have been blessed throughout this time, yes I have been able to sub at the school but we all know that isnt even considered part time, only "as needed"... but even with this, we have managed to make it just dandy! well... last week a knock on my door (literally) God sent of course :) It was a job offer! I prayed extra hard that if this was meant to be for me then so be it and if not then oh well. I went for my working interview/ trial day on Tuesday and by end of that day I was already filling out new hire paperwork!!! YAY! It will only be M-W-F 8-5, but its fab because I will still be able to either have my days off to do what is needed around the house or continue to sub for mu school kiddos!!! :) The pay is not what I expected or that I thought I deserved, however with quick reflection I realized that if this was a start from the bottom kind of deal, then I accept the challenge! In the long run, the learning experience I gain from this new job is def worth it!!! It makes me happy to be able to be back in what I love doing... Im a paperwork kinda gal and I love working with the public! I love helping out others!!! So, I hope that all goes well day after day! Ohhhh and only 33 days of school left of this year!! WOW, time flies! I for sure love the warmer weather also! This coming week is Leslie's last week of dance for this year and her recital is Sunday the 18th! Its always a bittersweet moment when we see her perform, we are glad the rushing is over to get her to class week after week and so happy to see her SHINE on stage, but then sad that she wont dance until September again when classes resume. :) Family life is super duper and my friends are totally awesome! I love you all! well until next time, much love! Yess :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

learning growth every day...

Ive been away for a while so I thought I better get back on the blogger wagon! I wish I could figure out how to put up pics, but oh well... so as far as m y everyday life, its been absolutely wonderful, thanks to God... Ive been busy subbing @ the school and I enjoy it everytime, for one it keeps me occupied mentally and emotionally.. although my evenings go by super fast that I feel that Im rush rush as soon as school is over. With getting dinner ready and getting Les to dance and then the days we have bible study and church service. I cant really complain though because at the end of the day as Im in bed praying and giving thanks for another day He has blessed us with, it makes for a very peaceful nights sleep. :) Because ladies and gentlemen, God is cool like that... hehe... My health is good, so thankful for sure! I feel more able and willing to do more things each day and Im loving it! Ive been walking on the treadmill in the evenings for 20 mins and I feel great afterwards! Tomorrow God willing, I start going to our local gym and taking a jazzercise class, should be interesting! LOL Hubby became a member as well so we hope to stick with it! I struggled with a little cold this past week, but Im finally getting over it... This weather has been a roller coaster but for most part gets stuck at the highest peak being the COLDNESS! We have had wintry mix, rain, sleet, u name it. Another cold front on its way and possible snow as early as tomorrow, yipee... (sarcasm) Marriage life couldnt be better, we have been so "chill" (no pun intended) hehe... but seriously, so happy and thankful each day to be married to my wonderful hubs! Leslie lost her front tooth this past week and the "forgetful tooth fairy" didnt leave money under her pillow for 3 days in a row!! ugh! She was already skeptical so each day it just raised her frustration... and besides her friend told her the tooth fairy didnt exist because she saw her mom put the money under the pillow... we finally convinced her otherwise, it kinda makes me sad that the innocence is slowly disappearing. I would so love to shelter her from so many things, although I know that if we dont tell her here @ home, she will hear it elsewhere. Kids these days grow up so fast though! Either that or I was just so naive during my childhood, but Im glad I was that way because I learned things as I grew at the right time! We will continue to do our best at parenting and praying for her to choose the right path always :) Ohhh, I have a confession... I am addicted to playing Bejeweled on FB! LOL... And when I see that a certain someone gets a higher score, it just motivates me to accept the challenge and try to beat it!!! Cesar has also officially become enthused with the darn game as well and hardly lets me play so that HE can!! lol... well I think thats it for now, until next time, much love! Yess :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Perseverance in prayer

Hello my fab friends! where to start this evening....? Ok so Tuesday morning, bright and early I had my weekly bloodwork and when I got my results I so could have done the HAPPY DANCE then and there because my count went up!!! Not only did it go up but it was almost 4 times more than last weeks!!! 234,000!!! I was so happy and overwhelmed with emotion and of course so very thankful to God for still proving to me that He has never left my side! And that He is awesome! Goes to show that if we truly believe in what we are praying for, and are patient, He answers gladly :) My doctor has lowered my dose on the meds and his nurse said he was very pleased with the results... I thought to myself "he's pleased?? Im for sure more than pleased!!!!" lol... From that day until now, I have been gleaming and beaming, wink wink P... I def have smiled more even with our gloomy dark days lately! Speaking of, when it hasnt been raining and cold its just flat out cold!! I am so ready for some sunshine and warmth! But I know, I know, this is what God wants right now so we shall accept... Afterall we ARE still in the winter season! Today it has snowed since 6:30 am and still coming down steady... kids had to go to school but then 2 hours into classes, announcement was made that "due to inclement weather, school would be having early release" DUH ppl! lol... so the chaos began, calling parents so that they could arrange to be there @ 11:45 to pick up their kiddos!... tomorrow are the v-day parties @ school and the bad mother I am, I waited until the last minute to get Leslie's v-day cards and no "girl" ones left @ wal-mart... :( However, we were in luck and found her fave v-day candy packets based on the movie New Moon from the Twilight series. So I def did a sigh of relief! WHEW! Speaking of valentines day... the hubs and I really dont have anything planned, Im a planner, however I get very disappointed when the plans dont go as planned! lol.. so I have learned that sometimes spur of the moment turns out better! I would LIKE to go watch a movie and dinner at least so we'll see :) As long as its not a rental, and ME cooking the dinner!!!!!!!!! LOL U know what, at this point just as long as we are happy, healthy and harmonious forget v-day!!! Make everyday a LOVE day! Until next time, much love, Yess :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Im back! ok so this weekend was kind of a lay low one for our fam, which was nice. :) Friday night we were invited to a b-day dinner for my best friend's hubby... Food was De-LISH and cake was yummylicious! We had a good time talking and laughing, great evening overall. Saturday I spent half the day doing laundry that had snuck up on me! Cesar FINALLY got to our bedroom project putting sheetrock up on one of our walls... painting is still pending, so we'll see when THAT gets done... better b soon, our room is so unorganized right now due to the scattered mess! But the end result will be worth it! :) And today we went to church this morning, great service and refreshing like always! Hubby waiting for Super Bowl to begin ONLY because he bought a "square" to benefit his hometown in MX... some kind of remodeling project they are undergoing there. He knows NOTHING about football so this should be interesting, lol. Of course all he cares about is knowing the score at the end of each quarter. haha... :) So yesterday evening I finally found my "lost" comments for this blog!!! YAY! I was so bummed that I kept writing away and my friends would ask why their comments were not showing up! So anyway, I read them all and appreciate them ALL. Michelle, thank you for letting me know that I have been in a way an inspiration to you. It really made me feel warm and good inside. I never imagined that I could be. Ive always hoped to be to someone, and now I feel accomplished. hehe... What I am going through now and "battling" has been a difficult journey, however with much prayer and my awesome friends to lift up my spirits, it has seemed to get a lil easier. God is great and I truly believe that everyone He has put in my path and in my life has been for a reason. I cherish all aspects of this so much! I hope to continue to be an example of FAITH and to hopefully be of inspiration to others, that with God all things are possible... ALL things! Another week is ahead of us and I hope that each day gets better and better for me. Im staying positive, I really am! Last night we watched the movie "Fireproof" who had been recommended by an awesome lady! We absolutely LOVED it, great message and I now recommend to all as being a MUST SEE MOVIE! My husband said its one of the "BEST" movies HE has seen. Now thats a double "wow!" lol... Now I hear from another great amiga that I should really watch Book of Eli, so that is next on my to watch list! well gals and guys, this is it for now, until next time, much love- Yess :)